Bulk materials storage


water pressurized tanks for reliable storage and distribution of liquids

Free up plant space

by having vertical storage of bulk materials.

pressurized tanks optimal storage and distribution in petrochemical and wastewater industries

Facilitates the reception of materials at a better cost,

either by spot purchases of raw material and/or the benefit of receiving the material in bulk versus other forms of reception.

efficient pressurized tanks for storing and distributing substances

Safe and secure storage

of your raw and bulk materials.

inox silos for sanitary storage of bulk materials in various industries

Clean plants

by eliminating material waste due to bag breakage.

steel silos designed for secure and reliable bulk material storage

Better control of efficient

bulk material inventories by incorporating gravimetric (weigh cells) or volumetric (level indicators) systems to silos and/or tanks.

explore our range of aluminum silos for vertical storage needs

Care for the environment

by having storage systems equipped with dust collectors.

high quality accessories for efficient bulk material storage systems

Cost reduction

by eliminating payment for external storage of bulk materials.

hybrid silos for versatile bulk material storage solutions

Promote ergonomics and reduce operator accidents

in the plant by eliminating and/or reducing the handling of bags and/or super bags. Improve personnel health conditions by eliminating manual bag loads.

silos with flanged or welded joints for efficient storage of bulk materials

Receive materials and feed your processes in an automated

way, which has a direct impact on production savings.

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Our Plant

SYCSA, is a company with more than 55 years of experience offering solutions for the handling and storage of bulk materials. Our manufacturing plant has more than 50,000 m2 of industrial space.