They have flanged or welded joints between complete rings or sections.

These silos are recommended when access areas are limited and the assembly is completed at the installation site.

Rain-sealed conical cover.

20″ and 24″ diameter manway dome with three-armed cast aluminum lid with hermetic seal.

Protective railing on the perimeter of the silo.

Lid access ladder with protective guard, with or without intermediate landing(s).

Die-cut sheets of carbon steel, ASTM A570 G36, 304 stainless steel or 5052 aluminum.


Galvanized fasteners, optional with plastic or stainless steel encapsulated head.


Sealed joints with strip gasket, radius and gasket; black neoprene, optional food grade white EPDM.


Discharge cone from 0° to 75°, with outlet from 8" to 12" dia., optional discharge to connect hopper activator.


Reinforcement columns, when required according to the load and seismic zone.


Access door to the interior of the silo in the skirt of 0.73 m. wide by 1.82 m.


Optional lighting/ventilation window in the area under the cone.


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Materials of fabrication

Carbon steel
 ASTM A-36, A572 Gr-50, A516 Gr-70 y especiales.

Stainless steel
304, 304L, 316, 316L, 430 y especiales.

5052-H32, B209, 6061-T6.


Surface preparation or abrasive shot blasting, under the specification of the SSPC Standard in its different types: SSPC-SP 6/NACE N°3 Commercial Shot Blasting, SSPC-SP 10/NACE N°2 Semi-White Shot Blasting, SSPC-SP 5/NACE N° 1 White Metal Shot Blasting.

Application of High Solids Epoxy Primer.

Final finish with High Solids Polyurethane Enamel, the method of paint application is by spraying.

Interior coatings are designed to work in high and low abrasion conditions, all components are FDA certified. 


The exterior coatings are designed to work under moderate and high abrasion environmental conditions.

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Finishes are directly related to the material stored, these can be only weld cleaning, weld bead removal or as specialized for the food or pharmaceutical industry with a roughness finish of Ra= 1.6µm to 0.8 µm.

As part of the quality assurance of welded joints, they are inspected by ASNT certified personnel in the following non-destructive tests:

Visual Inspection Level II (VT)

Liquid Penetrant Level II (PT)

Industrial Ultrasonic Level II (UT)

Level II X-Ray Testing (RT)


We have different sizes and capacities in the manufacture of silos, see the PDF to know them:

We develop special models, out of our standard, to cover all storage needs.

Support types

  • Skirt type
  • With legs
  • For mounting on structure
  • With opening for trailer or railroad loading and passing through.
  • With flat bottom or unloading cone.
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Standards and certificates

  • ISO9000:2015 certified quality system
  • FDA-certified paint coating for carbon steel silos
  • Surface preparation or abrasive blast cleaning known as shot blasting is performed under the specification of the SSPC Standard in its different types.
  • Equipment with explosion-proof systems validated by ATEX regulations.


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